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10 Funny Facts About The Harry Potter Movies

April 19, 2017

There have been many funny situations behind the scenes in all of the Harry Potter movies, and I’ve collected a few of my favourite ones for you to read about.

1. It’s a big thing in the fandom how Daniel’s eyes were blue and through out the movies were compared to his mother Lily’s green eyes. They did try to fix this with contacts, but Daniel couldn’t keep them in place, it hurt him. Funnily enough, you know who has Movie Harry’s exact eyes? J.K Rowling.

2. J.K Rowling was offered to play Lily in the Mirror of Erised scene, but she refused! Eyes could have matched that time.
3.Another difference between movie and book characters is Hermione’s teeth. Even though her parents are dentists, she’s known to have buck teeth, but again, this didn’t really work out for the actor and was dropped.

4. Filming the Whomping Willow scene caused the destruction of none other than 14 Ford Anglias!
5. Rupert, much like Ron, has arachnophobia. Why can’t they be butterflies!
6. It took around six months to teach the howls to carry letters. Also, a team had to hand-write thousands of letters for the movies, but later found out they were too heavy for the owls to carry!

7. J.K Rowling told Alan Rickman the ending of Snape’s story line before he even filmed his first scene, therefore, he often argued with the director because he knew something that they didn’t know yet.
8. The Hogwarts Express from the movies is a real train in Scotland. You can even take that same trip with the train! Check it out.

9. You know the scene in Chamber of Secrets when Hermione is too embarrassed to hug Ron and it perfectly describes their whole relationship? Well, the scene was changed from Hermione hugging both boys to that, because Emma was too embarrassed to hug Rupert!
10. Many of the portraits at Hogwarts were based on crew and cast members.
11. It took seven months to build the Hogwarts model used for every outside shoot of the castle.

12. Daniel Radcliffe went through around 60 wands throughout all eight movies, and 160 pairs of prop glasses.
13. Voldemort hugging Draco was not scripted, but improvised by Ralph Fiennes. Tom Felton’s shocked response of stopping in his tracks was totally real.

14. Tonk’s hair was a different colour in the movies. It was described as bubblegum pink in the books, however it was made purple in the movie because the filmmakers thought pink should only be associated with Umbridge.
15.  J.K. Rowling provided over 70 names for the Black family tree tapestry, along with details of relations between every member, making the Black family tree very much so authentic.


Do you know any other fun facts about the movies? Let me know down below!


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