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4 Harry Potter Spin Offs I Want To See Next

February 8, 2017
 When Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 came out, I thought it was the end, as many other Potter fans did. However, we were lucky enough to have another book, theater production and now a new franchise with Fantastic Beasts.
With the Harry Potter world as alive as it is right now, makes me wonder what else could be done, and what else we would all sell our souls to get to see!
So here is a list of 4 Spin Offs I’d love to see (in book form or movie form).

1. Hogwarts: A History
Just like Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, this is a book that all Hogwarts students must read.
 The founders of the four houses of Hogwarts come up from time to time since the beginning, but we have learned from them as been… not quote enough. That being said, I’m sure all Potterheads would love to get a closer look at the founders, get to see things they way they see them, understand where they come from and this way, better understand Hogwarts.
 We know the founders, mostly, by superficial things, by things the houses represent. But, they were great wizards, and there’s surely much more to them.
2. The Marauders Days
This is something we all agree on, we want more of the Marauders. I want to get to know them like we got to know the Golden Trio. From 11 year olds who see Hogwarts for the first time, until the disappearance of Voldemort. 
Voldemort rose up more than once, and the second time, the time that lead to his complete defeat is the one we know most about. But, the first time… was equally exciting, tragic and beautiful. To know more about it, would be a dream come true.
3. Rising of Voldemort 
Again, let’s put the clock back. We get some snippets on Voldemort’s life through the books, but to dedicate an entire franchise to him would be a whole other thing. 
 I’d love to see Tom Riddle transform into Voldemort and to see all that he went through to become the Dark Lord, to build such an empire (in lack of a better word).
 Specially interesting would be to see him interact with others, to see how his relationships develop, to get a glimpse of his human side.
4. All Was Well – But what comes next?
All was well… it’s a beautiful ending, but much more comes after that. More specifically, the kids!
 It would be great to follow the next generation to Hogwarts, to see them interact knowing full well all the history between their parents. Also, to see the Golden Trio again, now as adults, working, living outside of Hogwarts and outside of the threat of Voldemort.
 Next Generation franchise please?
5. Extra
This might be stretching it too far, but since forever I’ve been fantasizing about an alternative reality of the Harry Potter world. What if Voldemort was actually the good guy and he spend his entire life fighting the forces of the Order of the Phoenix and of Dumbledore’s Army? What if he died tried to protect the wizarding world? What if…
Any other ideas? Let me know!

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