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Harry Potter

In Need of Inspiration? Here are 10 Inspirational Harry Potter Quotes

February 12, 2017

 Our world has been going through some tough processes in the last few years. We see it everywhere, and it can be hard sometimes to maintain a positive attitude in your personal life when some things are not going the way you expected them to.

Harry Potter is one of the most inspiring reads out there, and I want to share with you a list of some beautiful quotes from this series we all love.

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Harry Potter

4 Harry Potter Spin Offs I Want To See Next

February 8, 2017
 When Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 came out, I thought it was the end, as many other Potter fans did. However, we were lucky enough to have another book, theater production and now a new franchise with Fantastic Beasts.
With the Harry Potter world as alive as it is right now, makes me wonder what else could be done, and what else we would all sell our souls to get to see!
So here is a list of 4 Spin Offs I’d love to see (in book form or movie form).

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Harry Potter Review

Fantastic Beasts: Review

February 8, 2017


Well today I’m here to give you all my opinion on the newest Harry Potter universe film, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. 
I was a little late watching this movie compared to most Potterheads out there, but the other the day the boyfriend and I decided to give it a go. We were both pleasantly surprised.

I was a little concerned about it being set in NY City instead of the UK, and missing the landscapes and traditional English feel all of the books and movie adaptations have always given me. Although, once the movie rolled I was convinced by the new settings. It was wonderful to discover new ways wizards live outside of Europe, how muggles are called differently, how they have different rules.
Being a Luna lover, being given the chance to watch one of her kids’ ancestors on screen, was truly amazing! Newt’s character does not disappoint, and you will for sure fall in love with his quirky personality and love of magical creatures, reminiscent of our beloved Hagrid!
The sotryline of the movie had me and my boyfriend placing bets on the ending, and neither one of us saw it coming. Newt’s adventure starts with finding his creatures that managed to find a way out of his watchful (or not) eye. He gets in more trouble when his search encounters problems with him being thrown in the middle of extremist muggles (No-Majs as they’re called in the States) and the destruction being seen across the city caused by magical acts. How he gets out of it, is up for you to watch!
For the ones who have already watched the movie, I must say a few extra things. 
I loved how the movie ended and I cannot wait to find out more. Does Jacob Kowalski and Queenie get together? I must know! And most importantly… what else will we get to see of Grindelwald, because I must say, ever since he was first mentioned in Harry Potter, I’ve wanted to know much more. Also, his death has always seemed awful to me.. one of the greatest dark wizards out there, he deserved more. Am I the only one thinking this? 
To sum it up, Fanastic Beasts has my seal of approval and I urge you all to watch it if you haven’t! It’s not Hogwarts… but it’s still the wizarding world, and we can’t never get enough of that.