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Modern Witch – Harry Potter Inspired Style + Outfits

February 13, 2017
When I think of an Harry Potter inspired style, on one hand I think about witchy looks, with big black hats, long dresses. On the other hand, I think of schoolgirl outfits, high socks and short skirts with both a rebel and sophisticated vibe to it.
Take a look at my take on a Harry Potter inspired look that every modern witch would want.


The Modern Witch

This style had to be inspired by the Hogwarts uniform. It’s sophisticated, very feminine and still gives you the wizarding school vibe even though it’s much more modern and sophisticated than that.
There are a few trademark clothing items for this look, the pleated skirt, the high socks, a nice white shirt, or a simple A line dress.  The look should be tied together with equally feminine shoes, leather high heels or ballerina flats. For a little extra edge, pair it with lace up leather boots!
If it’s still cold outside, then you’ll need a stylish long coat or cape, in dark rich colors, like navy blue or emerald green.

Outfit Idea

These are two very simple examples of this style. You can play around with it and choose different color shirts and skirts, and tie the look with the nicest shoes you own!
The modern witch style is incredibly simple, but made complex by just playing around with crucial pieces. For a less clean cut and more edgier look, trade the short skirt and socks for a long dress, add a few accessories and you have a completely different set of options, like you can see below.
Hope this inspires the witch in you!

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