Pack Like A Pro – Tips You Must Know

February 23, 2017

Packing can be complicated when you have space restrictions and a lot to pack. I see myself in this position once every few months when I have to fly 2500km to go see my boyfriend. With time, I found out certain methods helped me, so I want to share them with you, as  I’m sure we’ve all been in a packing madness situation once before. I’ll tell you a few tricks you can use to optimize your space and never again have to leave that one cute sweater behind!

Tip Nº1

Your first step should be making a checklist. I always do this, because if I don’t, I will forget something. Take five minutes to list everything you need, from underwear to your toothpaste, to your passport! You won’t regret doing this.



Tip Nº2

Whenever I have a flight planed, first thing I do when it comes to packing, is choose my airport outfit (train station outfit, roadtrip outfit, whatever your situation is!).
This is very important because it clears some space. Why? You can layer up. I always try to incorporate as many pieces in my outfit as I can. Tip: Tie  jacket/sweater around your waist, it’s trendy and it will save you space!


Tip Nº3

Roll your clothes! I know, I thought this didn’t worked when I first heard it, but after trying it once, I’ve never did it different again.  Try rolling all your clothes and create a first clothes layer in your suitcase.


Tip Nº4

After I roll my first layer, I start the second one, but leave a few spaces open for some other items that may break (like my blow-dryer and my beauty products).

Second layer done with some space left in the middle for my blow-drier!

After this, I top it off with my jackets and underwear, which I do not roll, but instead use as a protective layer (I’ve seen how bags are thrown around at airports!).


Tip Nº5

Pack your beauty products accordingly. Keep everything bigger than 100ml in a little bag, and inside your suitcase! And put all the smaller products that you might need during the flight (like your makeup), in a plastic bag, in your purse.


Hope this helps you a little when you need to pack in the future. Do you know any other useful tips? If so, I’d love to hear them!

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